“For over a century, the Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center has served those interested in growing.”

"$75 - $100 MILLION" just from YOUR tax dollars from Commonwealth of Virginia + untold millions of YOUR tax dollars from Virginia Beach too!


Virginia Tech Hampton Roads Agricultural Research and Extension Center has provided vital research, open space, gardens & community building amenities for Hampton Roads & Virginia for decades exactly where it is. Their website.[opens in new tab]

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Step 2: Email VT President, VT Provost, City of Virginia Beach Mayor & City Council.

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Green houses and open space for vital research.
A beautiful campus used by the public. Daily. For decades.
Practical & fun tips for new & old gardeners.
A place for lifelong memory events like weddings.

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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. C.Michelle Massey February 14, 2023 — 12:45 am

    No, No, No! You can not give any good reason why u would forgo decades of research! In other words all the work done was for nothing! Because you are basically throwing everything out! Further more. This area is conjested enough! The school to small to carry anymore children. The neighborhood and people in it put up with enough with the diabolical motels. They closed one military gate to alleviate traffic and now they are trying to put in new development! NO! LEAVE Diamond springs and Gardenwood neighborhood as is leave the research center where it’s at! We do not want any new neighbors we do not want any new buildings of any kind! Unless it is to add on to the research center! Do not move!


  2. Jeanette Hedrick January 23, 2023 — 4:29 pm

    You KNOW someone is making money off this effort! I don’t know of ANYONE affiliated with the Agriculture Center who has voiced the want and/or need to move this facility which upon it’s relocation will become inconvenient to the majority. Does that make sense to anyone. Not likely. However, it’s one more endeavor being forced down our throats at an exorbitant cost. Call Delegate Knight and protest and sign the petition to reject this project

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  3. I grew up in this section of Virginia Beach and am still here. The Agricultural Center has been there since I was a student at Bayside Elementary back in the 70’s.
    We DO NOT need anymore development in this section of Virginia Beach!! Any City Council member or State legislators that votes in favor of moving this to Pungo should be voted out!!

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    1. That’s RIGHT! We DO NOT need anymore development in this section of Virginia Beach!! Any City Council member or State legislators that votes in favor of moving this to Pungo should be voted out of OFFICE.

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  4. Heard the relocation could be to Pungo ? What Legislator owns land in Pungo? Could it be he is the bill sponsor? Selling Pungo flood land to the State could be VERY lucrative?

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  5. Michael McGonigle January 22, 2023 — 2:09 pm

    AREC aka VA. Truck experimental farm to the locals, has been there over a century. Why in the world would you move this at the expense of Millions of taxpayers’ dollars to a new location that has flood potential not to mention the century old growing areas that will not be able to be duplicated with a move to a new property. Next question is what is in the works for this prime real estate? Will it remain with Va. Tech?

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  6. Yes, I agree. Strange that a politician who doesn’t even represent this area suddenly has an interest in this particular property. The City already approved a large 500+unit apartment complex off Northampton which will already bring in additional 700 plus vehicles and more congestion. Follow the money…someone(s) about to make a lot of money at the expense of the neighborhood.

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    1. Exactly!!! Greedy developers in VB are the root of all evil here!

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  7. I agree. Also did not know that’s a flood zone

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