SB 1068 & HB 1843 Capital outlay plan; updates the six-year capital outlay for projects to be funded, Passes unanimously.

“Wish list” includes the idea to move VT AREC.

House Bill 1843 vote:

Senate Bill 1068 vote:

Join us to help ensure this “wish list” idea never gets funded in Richmond or Virginia Beach!

Option 1: Please sign & share PETITION.

Option 2: Start here to tell your story about VT AREC. Just 1 of your stories:

I worked here as a research assistant for a little, and is one of the places I hold dear to my heart for helping foster my love of plants and the environment. I spent lots of lunches walking the grounds, learning about different plants and mushrooms, observing foxes and frogs. I would hate to see the ecosystem and history of this location destroyed by moving it. Not to mention the amount of money it would take to do so. Leave the AREC where it is!

Option 3: Email us to join our growing team or Contact Us at form near bottom of Home page.


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